Who God is

The basic facts about God are known ever since day 1. In End Times there is only ONE new fact.

Apr 14, 2007

10 KEY facts about God, known ever since Day 1

1. God is the creator of all forms of life.
2. God is the creator of the Universe.
3. God is omnipotent.
4. God is omnipresent.
5. God is omniscient.
6. God created all forms of life perfect.
7. God created only one of those forms with Free Will.
8. God will judge each Human for what he did with his Free Will.
9. God will judge Humankind for what they did with God's Creation on Earth. That day has been known as Final Judgement Day, the last of the LAST DAYS. The last day for Mankind on Earth.

One of the KEY questions is the apparent contradiction between fact #5 (God is omniscient) and #7 (God gave Free Will to Humans).
Not a contradiction but a consequence of one more fact, that was proved from day 1 to the first of the FINAL DAYS:
10. God created Humans without the capacity to have ANY glimpse into the HOW for ANY of those nine facts.

There is only ONE new fact ever since. Something that was predicted to happen only in the LAST DAYS. (1)
Added Christmas 2008: It's time to have the question finally answered. Again, what fact is it? (2)

(1) But can you answer that question, if you did not get the Laws of End Times Reductionism?

(2) Christmas 2008: *** 11th fact *** about GOD - revealed by the LAST End Time Prophet Matt

Added 2013: years later as the 11th fact about God continues to unfold:
Human Appendix, Circumcision: end times science confirms what was first revealed by Prophet

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Jul 12, 2004

Bible: FIRST commandment: which religion denomination is correct

From 2000, adapted 2012 to include the referenced table:

Bible: FIRST commandment: which religion/denomination is correct? ANSWER here:
After reading this you'll also know why the verb uses the singular form.

Division of the Ten Commandments by religion/denomination
The page "The Ten Commandments List" in site 10commandmentslist has it as a table.

Discarding alternatives
Protestantism was created by the illuminati so in reality protestant churches can't be considered christian denominations and can be discarded from the start.
Stripping the table from these "denominations" ( Anglican, Reformed, Lutheran ) doesn't eliminate any of its columns.
The question is not posed in the plural, what implies that only ONE of the remaining alternatives is correct and this doesn't exclude any of the four possible answers left: 
Jewish (Talmudic), Orthodox Christian, Catholic as well as using the same generalization as the table, what's left in the second column: other Christian.
So, which one is it?
The answer is as simple as this: what you would expect from the Laws of End Times Reductionism.


Commandments: Illuminati v Bible: The one and only literal parallelism:
The first commandment of the illuminati religion implies for believers a parallelism to what one of the Bible's ten commandments implies for jews and christians.
"Coincidence": in both cases the source for this implication is their first commandment.
The parallelism, obviously only apparent, appears if the implied commandment is stated using the CREATOR word. 
In reality and as in other any other comparison of the same type, it's the opposite. All it takes is to precise the CREATOR with either satan (by illuminati religion's believers) or by God (by bible believers).